Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Days 12 and 13: The Weekend of Little Imagination

Last weekend, I was feeling particularly boring (i.e. not creative) and resorted to the one-two punch of wardrobing. That is, I made sure I 1) covered up my fanny and 2) covered up "the ladies." 

And I didn't do much else. 

Sometimes, I put on shoes. But only when my feet got cold.

[I'm thinking I'll turn this outfit into something more exciting later. 
Stay tuned!]

[I'm a big fan of rolled-up sleeves, 
but I went wild on Sunday and let them free.]

What I'm Wearing

Day 12
Jackie Cardigan in Cerise (J. Crew)
Grey Skirt with Feather Print (Forever XXI)
Tan Saddle Shoes (Steve Madden)

Day 13
Sequined Sweatshirt (J.Crew)
Green City Fit Roll-Up Pants (J. Crew)
Grey Ballet Flats (J.Crew)


  1. Cute outfits! I love that skirt in the first picture. Oh and I am SUCH a fan of the rolled up sleeves!


  2. I love the letting the sleeves go free comment. Also J Crew should perhaps give you some perks for all the mentions they are getting