Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 7: Procrastination (Sometimes) Pays Off

I was pleasantly surprised with the outfit I put together today, especially considering I selected the pieces within the three minutes I gave myself to dress. I know there are some 30 by 30 participants who plan all 30 outfits in advance, and I commend them! I wish I were that ahead of schedule. My new year’s resolution in 2011 was to be on time, so maybe my new year’s resolution in 2012 can be to move ahead of schedule. (I just got chills.)

[I feel like Audrey Hepburn in these pants.]

[This pink belt looks as yummy as candy.]

What I’m Wearing
Black/White Plaid Silk Blouse (J.Crew)
Xhiliration Tan Cardigan (Target)
Black Minnie Pants (J.Crew)
Black Xhiliration Flats (Target)
Pink Patent Leather Belt (J.Crew)
Black Wide Headband (J.Crew)

Have a great night, chickadees! I’m going to do some laundry in anticipation of the outfits I’ll wear this week. I’m so 2012.

P.S. Many apologies for the slight delay in posts. My lack of a camera set me back for a couple of days, but I'll get back on track by this weekend!

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