Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2: The Mystery of Bargain Shopping

When I finished selecting my 30 for 30 challenge items on Sunday, the temperature was in the 80s in Austin. Then Monday happened, and since that night, the temperature has been in the 20s. That’s how it happens in Texas. But what this means for my challenge is that because I planned only a few winter weather items in my mix, I have nearly exhausted those pieces in the first two days. I am le nervous.

One of my items today was heavy black pleated skirt from Gap, which I purchased during December of 2008. 

And today was the first time I wore it. 

It was on sale for about 20 dollars, and I thought it was such a great deal at the time. But now I am forced to answer one of the great mysteries of bargain shopping: is buying something on sale a good deal if you don’t wear it for two years? Luckily, this piece part of the challenge, so I’ll be wearing it at least a few more times to decide if it was worth the cash!

[Tights are crucial when you only secure three pairs of pants to wear in 30 days.]

[I love that the buttons that go all the way down the front of the skirt, 
and I'm already planning to wear it backwards next time.]

[Who says you can't get something adorable for two dollars?]

What I’m Wearing
Striped Boatneck Shirt (J.Crew)
Marled Charcoal Blazer (J.Crew)
Black Pleated Skirt (Gap)
Black Tights (Target)
Black Suede Slouchy Boots (Steve Madden)
Red Plaid Headband (J.Crew)
Gold Glasses Necklace (Forever XXI)

I don’t know the details, but I can promise you that the photos will get better. 


  1. Ooh the weather change! That does make this tricky. Looking forward to more outfits.

  2. Yay! I'm so excited about your challenge!!I can't wait to read all of your great ideas! :)