Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wish List: Olive Green Essentials

Mary-Kate Olsen is by far one of my favorite fashion icons, so I was delighted to see her beautiful face on the cover of the September issue of Marie Claire magazine. She's wearing a fierce olive green jacket, similar in color to the skirt I featured a couple of days ago. Aside from the MKO endorsement, olive green is definitely going to be my go-to color when it comes to fall pieces. There are so many ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe, whether through one key piece or an accessory. Here are a few more olive green items I have my eye on. (All pieces featured are less than $75.) 


Staring at Stars shirtdress

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Express military silk blouse

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J.Crew waxed canvas tote

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We Love Colors tights

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What's your go-to color for the fall? Post a comment!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Style Diary: An Outfit in Transition

Happy August, chickadees! Does this mean I can start talking about fall? Truth be told, I haven't made as many purchases this summer as I thought I would. I did some closet reorganizing to make sure I was wearing all the clothes I already own. (One result of the reorganization: my overstuffed closet rod fell off the groove in the wall, and all the clothes are currently sliding down the rod toward the floor. Oy.)

However, the last time I did brave the shops, I purchased this fabulous Bow-Adorned Skirt in olive green from Forever 21. There are two very crucial aspects of this skirt that make it one of my favorites already. The dark color combined with the huge bow in the center makes this dress oh-so Daisies and Chains, n'est pas? A dash of girly and a sprinkle of masculinity is what it's all about! Secondly, while the length is great for summer, I can add tights to make it just as relevant for the fall months.

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What I'm Wearing
Considering the huge bow in the front, I am tucking a white camisole into the skirt. Then I'm throwing on a tissue-thin boyfriend cardigan in ballet pink that hits just a few inches higher than the skirt. For the feet, I am wearing nude pumps, but camel-colored ones would look great, too! Overall, I am pairing light colors with the skirt to add some summer flavor. And obviously, I am adding that men's gold watch that has barely left my wrist since I purchased it in April. 

Where to Buy
Price: $15.80 

Look for a post soon on more olive green essentials (and another one on how I'll style this skirt when it gets cooler)!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Get into the Groove at Peace Love Nails

Those of you that know me also know that I am currently training for a marathon. I joined a running group in May, and before that, the most I had ever run was one half marathon. Three months later, I can say that running approximately 25-40 miles a week has brought so much to my life: a consistent commitment to fitness, new friends ... and horrid-looking feet.

Ironically, these horrid-looking feet were carrying me through a morning run a couple of weeks ago, when I spotted Peace Love Nails. (It opened on July 17 near the corner of Steck and Mesa in the Far West 'hood.) Feeling inspired by a cute boutique nail salon on my side of town, I told a few friends, and we booked a group appointment for that afternoon.

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After arriving, we were led to a cozy room full of oh-so-comfortable overstuffed armchairs. We were offered drinks (Sipping white wine and getting a pedicure when it's 100 degrees outside? Yes, please!), and "Steel Magnolias" was set to play on the big screen on the back wall. The pedicures lasted for a good 45 minutes.

I've since been back for a manicure, which was just as wonderful. They have bar seating for the manicures, but you still get a drink and can check out whatever movie is playing. My manicure lasted for 45 minutes, also, but that could have been because they weren' too busy. That said, I definitely recommend booking an appointment, so you are guaranteed not to wait.

What I Love about Peace Love Nails

  1. They only provide natural nail services. (I think this is why it NEVER smells like a nail salon in there.)
  2. They soak your hands/feet with a milk bath.
  3. For the pedicures, they use antibacterial copper bowls to soak your feet.
  4. They almost exclusively use OPI nail polish (unless you choose the vegan, a.k.a. "Love," manicure/pedicure).
  5. They use an all-natural almond spray to set the polish.

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The 4-1-1 on Pricing
Peace Manicure -- $25
Love (Vegan) Manicure -- $30
Peace Pedicure -- $35
Love (Vegan) Pedicure -- $40