Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Style Diary -- The Perfect Summer Outfit

A famous gal named Carrie Bradshaw once said that fashion was similar to politics, because they are both about "recycling shop-worn ideas and making them seem fresh and inspiring."

I make no claims to be an expert on politics (or fashion, for that matter), but I do know the dress I've been rocking hardcore this summer is definitely an old style that I'm trying to refresh.

A couple months ago, I made one of the most successful trips ever to Buffalo Exchange, where I purchased a honey-colored yellow embroidered dress. It has short, flared sleeves and a huge red toucan sewn on the front. It's equal parts girly and quirky, and I can wear it all the time. Seriously. I've worn it everywhere, from poolside to the movie theatre to a summer dinner party. (Because I thrifted mine, here's another adorable embroidered dress -- also pictured below-- to give you an idea of the style.)

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What I'm Wearing
I'm pairing my yellow dress with red canvas wedges, such as the new ones by TOMS, a neutral-colored straw bag, and virtually no accessories, save for a braided headband. My hope is the ubertrendy accessories make the "shop-worn" dress style more relevant.

Would you change anything about this style diary outfit? Let me know!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspiration Board: Twilight

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I am a closet Twilight fan. And by "closet Twilight fan," I, of course, mean that I am outrageously obsessed with the series and all things related.

I adore the book series, but one of the aspect of the films that I have really enjoyed is the clothing. I've read up on what the costume design department considers when they dress the characters, and the kind of prints and colors they choose for each one. The Cullens are always dressed in greys and blues, and Jacob's clan is outfitted in earth tones. Bella walks the fence between the two, especially in Eclipse, which I have seen twice already. (The first time was a sneak preview on Monday, so don't judge! It's not like I've seen it twice since Tuesday at midnight. ... But I practically have.)

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And as if the premeire this week isn't enough to have my mind completely engulfed in Twilight, I am also going to Seattle with my fella over the weekend. Three cheers for the Pacific Northwest! With visions of rainy days dancing in my head, I am all about the plaid shirt, like this one from J.Crew. I love that this one combines the classic plaid pattern with a subdued blue hue. It's so Team Edward.

To avoid looking like a lumberjack, I recommend wearing a long plaid shirt with black leggings or demin leggings, which I featured in a post from April. That way, you have one loose-fitting clothing item paired with something much more form-fitting. Throw on a pair of ballet flats and add some chunky jewelry -- whether it's gold chains (including that gold men's watch I know you own) or a set of black bracelets.

The "100-50-25" Where to Buy
Have a fabulous Fourth of July, chickadees! Stay tuned for more summer blog lovin'!