Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5: Girls' Weekend

One of the tips that Kendi gave for taking the 30 for 30 (via Kendi Everyday ) is to pretend you are packing for a 30-day trip. At first, I took this literally and opened a suitcase in which to actually pack all of my items, but Cooper took the opportunity to jump inside the suitcase for a long nap. Then I just felt bad about kicking him out, so I dropped it.

However, this weekend I actually took a trip for a girls’ weekend in Dallas, and I must say it was quite easy to pack! One pair of shoes, a cardigan, a pair of pants, and that’s about it. As they say at McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it.”

After we arrived in Dallas -- where there was still a decent amount of snow on the ground -- Marlena, Afsan, and I played fashion show in Afsan’s closet and had fun styling each other. Afsan and I agreed that we should have our own TV show, where she does the shopping and I try my hand at styling. Here’s how that conversation went:

Afsan: We can make the show dramatic by fighting with each other.
Jenn: Yeah. I can yell at you for buying stupid things that I can’t work with.
Afsan: And I can yell at you for not putting outfits together correctly and tell you that you should be able to put anything together.
Marlena: That sounds crazier than Jerry Springer.

After the TV idea faded, we held a faux photo shoot:

[It's 2011, and the iPhone still baffles me. 
Also, Afsan looks like this all the time.]

[I am totally about to laugh.]

[I didn't get the memo to wear boots on this trip.]

[My $7 suede heels from Target are not great snow shoes.]

[Love the colors. Marlena looks like a rainbow.]

What I’m Wearing
Purple/White Plaid Oxford Shirt (J.Crew)
Olive Green Sequined Blouse (J.Crew)
LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer (Kohl's)
Wide Leg Editor Trousers (Express)
Mossimo Black Suede Heels (Target)
Gold Chains Necklace (J.Crew)

Stay warm, gals!

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