Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wish List: Lots of Lace

Through Daisies and Chains, I write a lot about pairing the masculine with the feminine, and sometimes that means translating old-fashioned patterns into more current styles.

When I think of lace, I automatically think of a tea party. But then I realize the last time I attended a tea party was when the tea was made of air. So with that in mind, I chose some items that could be worn to a tea party in today's big girl world, where you might pair your dress with a leather jacket or your tights with some biker boots.

The Ornamentalist Dress
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Crochet Lace-Front Tee
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Hue 'Baroque' Lace Net Tights
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Applique Lace Headband
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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Week of StyleMint: Day 5

I wear a lot of scarves. (Sidenote: This is the part in the paragraph where I list links of all the posts shown with me wearing a scarf. But I'm not going to out of pure laziness. Sidenote to the sidenote: That should prove how many scarves I wear.) Recently, an intern at work told me she didn't recognize me walking down the hall because my neck wasn't covered up. I told her that I indeed felt chillier than normal that day.

One of my favorite things about StyleMint tees is that although they are trendy, they are completely versatile and all look great paired with a scarf. A bonus is that the scarf always acts as a bib when I eat.

What I'm Wearing
Sunset Tee in Black (StyleMint)
Skinny Jeans (Express)
Brown Ankle Boots (Old Navy)
Floral Print Silk Scarf (J.Crew)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)
Black, White, and Gold Bracelet (Forever XXI)
Pearl and Beaded Bracelet (Gift from a craft fair)
Campo Bag (J.Crew Outlet)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Week of StyleMint: Day 4

One of the most basic rules of fashion I follow is "When in doubt, add a black blazer." The only time this rule fails is when I'm at the beach. (Too hot.) Or when I'm in Antarctica. (Too confusing with all the penguins running around.)

The Fillmore tee is great to pair with a blazer, because it's actually quite oversized. And considering the supremely soft, micro modal fabric, I'm afraid it just looks like I'm trying to disguise pajamas for work clothes if I don't add a later or two.

What I'm Wearing
Fillmore Tee in White/Mushroom (StyleMint)
LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer (Kohl's)
Wide Leg Editor Trousers (Express)
Blue Velveteen Platform Heels (Forever XXI, Plato's Closet)
Printed Ikat Scarf (J.Crew)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Week of StyleMint: Day 3

One thing I've wondered since I started purchasing StyleMint tees is where they come up with the names of the shirts. This polka-dot number is called "Rush," so I like to think it's something I should wear as I rush around town while drinking lattes and being fabulous. Or maybe it's something I should wear while rushing for a sorority... The girls will be so enamoured by my beautiful top that they will forget I am too old to be standing so close to college freshmen. Either way, this is one of the softest shirts I own, so you should RUSH! to buy your own. (Oh, how I love a good pun.)

What I'm Wearing
Rush Tee in Ivory/Black (StyleMint)
Pink Twill Bell Skirt (J.Crew)
Black Tights (Forever XXI)
Brown Ankle Boots (Old Navy)
Brown Woven Wide Belt (Forever XXI)
Gold Chains Necklace (J.Crew)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Week of StyleMint: Day 2

I bought the Magnolia tee from StyleMint in October without a moment's hesitation. I'll snatch up a dolman top quicker than you can ask, "What the heck is wrong with those sleeves?" If I had dressed up for Halloween this year, I thought about using this tee to recreate a Black Swan costume, seeing as it already looks like I have wings when I put my hands on my hips.

What I'm Wearing
Magnolia Tee in Black (StyleMint)
Silky Pleated Skirt (Luxe Apothetique)
Black Tights (Forever XXI)
Black Suede Loafers (Old Navy)
Pearl and Chain Necklace (J.Crew)
Black and Silver Knot Wide Headband (J.Crew)

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Week of StyleMint: Day 1

It's been awhile since I wrote about StyleMint, my first online clothing purchase. Between then and now, I have faced my fear of online shopping and acquired five StyleMint tees. Even just after my third purchase, the idea started forming to wear and blog a week's worth StyleMint once I grew my collection.

Luckily for the Olsen twins, I just made my November purchase. I know they could use the extra money.

What I'm Wearing
Hudson Tee in Charcoal/Black (StyleMint)
Black Minnie Pants (J.Crew)
Tahari Tan Pumps (DSW)
Retro Floral Silk Scarf (J.Crew)

Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)
Pearl and Beaded Bracelet (Gift from a craft fair)
Campo Bag (J.Crew Outlet)

Anyone else jumping on the StyleMint train? If so, what are your favorites?