Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 4: Long Lost Love

It’s Day 4, and a small part of my outfit was an olive green patent leather belt that I bought during my olive green obsession in early fall -- but it made a huge impact. (I am wearing no other olive green item as not to distract from the awesome belt.) Sometimes it’s fun to throw items into your outfit that remind you of other times when you were totally obsessed with a certain color, fabric, or pattern, because it reminds you of WHY you were so infatuated with that color, fabric, or pattern and also makes you wonder WHAT HAPPENED to ever make you stop your infatuation.

I like to think that you just get sidetracked with something else. I know that even though I have been wrapped up in tartan plaid, grey wool, and patterned tights since October, I still have an affinity for my olive green. Here’s to more olive green in my life.

[I love a good happy hour, full of Mexican martinis, comfy couches, 
and plenty of non-judgemental staff members who don't mind a photo opportunity.]

What I’m Wearing
Navy/White Plaid Oxford Shirt (J.Crew)
Xhiliration Tan Cardigan (Target)
Orange A-Line Skirt (J.Crew)
Houndstooth Print Brown Tights (J.Crew)
Tan Saddle Shoes (Steve Madden)
Olive Green Patent Leather Belt (J.Crew)

Happy weekend, chickadees!

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