Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Weekend in Instagrams

I know I am way late to the party here, but I got an iPhone over the holidays! I made a goal to get one before the end of 2011, and in true Jenn fashion, I made the purchase on December 31. Here are a few Instagram photos I took during the long weekend:




1) Cooper supervising me while I unpacked from my parents' house after Christmas
2) My friend Jeanine and her fabulous 'do and hair piece on New Year's Eve
3) The last days of the Christmas tree in my apartment
4) Drinking Moscow mules while watching the Cowboys lose game with the fella
5) A new haircut for the new year

Stay tuned for some more posts this week!


  1. And you got an iPhone! Sorry I'm commenting on all three of your latest posts, but this is all so exciting! Yay for Instagram. Let's follow each other : )