Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Weekend in Instagrams

This weekend, I survived the epic battle of Cedar Allergies versus Jenn. Cedar nearly won, so besides venturing out for a couple meals with friends, I remained a homebody. Here are a few Instagram photos I took during my low-key weekend.




1) Ordering a Tom Collins at dinner on Friday
2) Trying out my lovely new candle stands, a Christmas gift from the fella's family
3) A forgotten surprise, the American Apparel circle scarf, arrived after being on backorder for weeks
4) My new (teen fiction) book for an upcoming book club meeting
5) Baking peanut butter cupcakes from this book, another Christmas gift from my aunt

Stay tuned for some more posts this week!


  1. UHHHH Why have you NOT shared those cupcakes? Actually, better you didn't. Diet is going well. But seriously made me miss awesome sweets right then!

  2. well at least you had an excuse to stay home and relax! Everyone seems to be buzzing about the hunger games, guess i'll have to go pick up a copy!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I lost this battle with allergies!