Monday, January 30, 2012

The January Dress

I'm a sucker for new year's resolutions and find myself making at least five or six each January. I'm not sure I love actually thinking up the resolutions as much as I like writing the list. This is also a good time to mention I'm a sucker for stationary.

In developing my list for 2012, I incorporated a fashion resolution for the first time. I thought about the big themes in my wardrobe and what might be missing. I realized that most of my dresses fall into one of two camps: day or night ... but never both. I have a lot of knee-length collared dresses that are great for work and several black strapless dresses that are great for going out.

So I made a resolution to try to purchase or otherwise obtain (clothes swap, anyone?) one dress a month that can be worn easily from day to night. There are a few other stipulations that I have (blog post coming soon...), but that's the jist. I figure by the end of the year, I'll have a great section of my wardrobe to create outfits for those long days when work quickly transitions into a night out.

My January dress was purchased about two weeks ago during a major sale at STRUT in Austin. I've already worn it on a day-to-night circuit and on an excursion to eat dinner and see "Wicked." I figure if I can wear it again on a day where I attend a religious ceremony and then go to a night club, I'll have really gotten my money's worth.

What I'm Wearing
Final Touch Red Dress (STRUT)
Black Leather Belt (J.Crew Factory Store)
Black Tights (Forever XXI)
LC Lauren Conrad Black Platform Pumps (Kohl's)
Gold Glasses Necklace (Forever XXI)
Black, White, and Gold Bracelet (Forever XXI)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)
Gold-Plated Bangles (Luxe Apothetique)
Pearl and Beaded Bracelet (Gift from a craft fair)
OPI Nail Polish in "Bullish on OPI"


  1. That is a very cute (and versatile!) dress :)

  2. Haha, I love your church/nightclub comment - it made me laugh green tea into my nose :)

    Great dress!

  3. I love your dress and the necklace is so fabulous and sweet.

  4. Absolutely love your dress! You look so chic and classy at the same time. :)

    Cathy@Want to Stay Fit? Pursue These Careers