Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas in July

Remember when I admitted to never having ordered clothing online? Enter StyleMint...

Last Friday, the Olsen twins launched StyleMint, an online shop that sells T-shirts – and T-shirts only – all priced at $29.99. As someone who took care of her membership the week before (it's free, by the way), I was jumping in my chair come Friday morning to view the four styles released for the month of July.

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The Low Down
Taken from the same concept as JewelMint  which hosts Kate Bosworth-approved jewelry pieces – StyleMint allows members (did I mention membership is free?) to browse and buy T-shirts for the first five days of each month. (From what I understand, you have five days to make that decision. Let me know if you believe otherwise. I don't want to make incorrect statements here.) If you decide to pass on purchasing, there's no monetary consequence. And it looks like the site offers four new styles a month.

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My StyleMint Pick
I decided I would gift myself one style this month. Each T-shirt has a name, and I chose the Fillmore design. The Fillmore is an incredibly soft v-neck T-shirt with thin horizontal stripes. The white/mushroom version is made of 50 percent micro modal, which is a supersoft fabric made from beechwood. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong. I dug up as much information as I could while I shopped.) 

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I'm glad I finally made the plunge into online shopping and that my first experience was purchasing an Olsen brand. They are both style icons for me, to say the least. Just for fun, this is me dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen last Halloween. Holding the Starbucks cup and covering the face are deliberate moves.

[The only accessory I won't incorporate is the ciggie. Just say no, kids!]
Has anyone else ordered from StyleMint? If so, what did you choose?


  1. Editor's note: I have no idea what the H is going on with the formatting here, ladies. Sorry for the wackiness.

  2. Ah! checking it out now. I pretty much love anything the Olsen twins do.