Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot and Cold

I spent the weekend in Gruene, Texas, at a bachelorette party for my wonderful friend, Jeanine, where I drank a lot of wine, ate my weight in Twizzlers candy, and laughed until I cried at Jeanine's hilarious stories. (Seriously, she needs to write a book ... anonymously ... Otherwise, she would be arrested shortly after publishing.)

Needless to say, I'm moving slow as I start this week off, so I am actually including photos of an outfit I wore a few days ago. The weather in Texas can't decide to be warm or cool. This week has brought breezes and cooler temperatures, but the lingering grey clouds trap in all the humidity. Likewise, I can't decide whether I'm hold or cold at the office. I go from drinking glasses of ice water to turning on the space heater at my desk.

The shoes are a great daisies and chains mix. The looseness of the black loafers is old-mannish, and the rose appliques scream "young girl." They're the Woody Allen of footwear.

What I'm Wearing
Black V-Neck Slub Tee (J.Crew)
LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer (Kohl's)
Striped Khaki Crop Pants (Calvin Klein, collected at a clothes swap)
Black Suede Loafers (Old Navy)
Floral Print Fringe Scarf (Madewell)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)

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  1. I love this post for many reasons, but I'm only commenting because of the Woody Allen remark. Hahaha! Love you!