Thursday, June 2, 2011

These Are My (Fashion) Confessions

Usher started it, and I'll keep it going. We have all confessions, people! Here are my confessions ... fashion-related, that is.

[Confession: I take my own photos. I know, it's shocking news.]

1) Save for a jacket I bought for my fella (from, I have never made an online purchase to buy clothes.

2) I once bought a Liz Lange shirt at Target before I realized it was maternity clothing.

3) Even after I realized the Liz Lange brand was a maternity line (see #2), I still went back to Target to buy the same shirt in a different color.

4) The striped boatneck shirt I included in my 30 for 30 challenge – and still wear at least a few times a month – has a HUGE hole in the armpit area ... on both sleeves.

5) I always wear my denim leggings to race expos. When surrounded by 95-lb professional marathoners, I'll do whatever it takes to appear as thin as possible. It's like I'm a magician!

6) I can't say "jeggings." It's just too weird a word. That's why I always refer to them as denim leggings (see #5).

7) I work at a J.Crew store in Austin. It's a simple part-time job, but now you may better understand how and why I wear their clothes so often.

8) I have never spent more than $75 on shoes. Shoes have very rarely sent my heart a-flutter the way a dress or skirt does. Plus, my feet and I have a love-hate relationship, where I hate them and they hate me, but we both love socks.

Writing all these out has given me a few ideas on blog posts to come later! In the meantime, what are your confessions?

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've purchased and worn maternity shirts/dresses. I never notice until my husband comments on how large they look on me... :)