Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Style for $29

As much as I wanted to recap my weekend in Madison, WI, before I posted about anything else, the photos are being held hostage on the fella's camera – which he's still using for his blog (check it out here!) – so that summary will come later this week.

What I will say is that Madison was great, despite the weather being nearly as hot as Austin's. On days like that, I reach for easy, breezy (literally, ha!), thin cotton dresses and rompers. When I put this ensemble together, I once again realized the total outfit was worth less than $30. I hit the jackpot (figuratively, ha!). I'm here all night, folks!

[After the race, it was difficult to walk in anything but flats.]

What I'm Wearing
Black Floral Jumper (Forever XXI) – $7.80
Purple Patent Leather Skinny Belt (J.Crew) – $10
Mossimo Purple Suede Loafers (Target) – $9
Tortoise Shell Glasses (Forever XXI) – $2
Total – $28.80

In other news, don't forget to enter to win a tassel necklace from Banana Republic by Friday night!

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