Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Form-Fitting Office Wear for $29

I got so jazzed when I first posted my $20 outfit, that I have been trying to challenge myself throughout the summer to come up with other outfits that cost less than 30 dollars. (See my second one here.) I wore this ensemble to work at the beginning of the summer and found it to be an interesting spin on form-fitting office wear.

[I apologize for the dark shadows near my feet. And my oh-so-obvious wrinkled shirt.
And all the other shortcomings of this photo. ]

I originally purchased this shirt off the clearance rack at Old Navy to wear on my 23rd birthday. I'm no math whiz, but considering how long ago my 23rd birthday occurred and how cheap it was when I bought it, I'm going to guess that the price per wear on this gem is nearing the 12-cent mark.

The pants were an impulse purchase one night at J.Crew (I used my employee discount, but even if I hadn't, they would have only cost $15), which makes them the best impulse purchase of my life, because they aren't gum or a double cheeseburger.

The belt is a basic brown belt but has some woven detailing in the back. (It's my mullet belt – business in the front, party in the back.) The shoes are secondhand, which may be as unsanitary as not wearing shoes at all, but they frown on that at the office.

What I'm Wearing
Balloon-Sleeved White Blouse (Old Navy) – $8
Green City Fit Roll-Up Pants (J. Crew) – $7.50
Nude Heels (Unknown brand, Plato's Closet) – $8
Brown Woven Wide Belt (Forever XXI) – $4.80
Total – $ 28.30

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