Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wardrobe Love: The Transitional Piece

It's already been A WHOLE WEEK since the last time I posted, so it's already time for the next installment of Wardrobe Love. Here's the question this week:

Q: DnC, what's the one item from my fall wardrobe that I should continue to include in my spring outfits?
-- Anonymous
[I deliberately bought this shirt a size larger so it would look more like menswear.]

A: As a girl on a budget, I live for transitional pieces to maximize my wardrobe. One item I bought during the cold Austin winter (an oxymoron at its finest) was a chambray shirt.

Confession: I actually already owned a chambray shirt. However, the material was quite stiff, and the shirt itself was very tailored, which didn't leave a lot of options when it came to pairing it with certain pants and skirts. It looked awkward tucked into some bottoms, but seemed too long when I left it out. In short, it was a fashion conundrum. (We don't say "conundrum" enough, so I'm bringing this word back to life.)

So, I actually had no buyer's remorse whatsoever when I bought my second chambray shirt. This time, I knew what to avoid, and I chose a roomier option that was made from a softer cotton. It's this looser fit and lighter material that makes the shirt perfect to continue wearing through May and June. Now, I'm pairing this shirt with linen pants for days in the office and above-the-knee, A-line skirts during the weekend.

What I'm Wearing
Chambray Oxford Shirt (J.Crew)
Yellow Sateen Skirt (Forever XXI)
Black Belt (Forever XXI, taken from a dress-and-belt combo)
LC Lauren Conrad Black Platform Pumps (Kohl's)
Turquoise Paige Enamel Bangle (Stella and Dot)
Sunnies (Forever XXI)

Where to Buy
Price: $78.00

Next week, I'll address the mystery of skinny jeans, a question posed by one of my favorite bloggers (and coworkers!), Lacy, of Hybrid Cars & Cottages. But, I'll be posting more between now and then, so come back soon!

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