Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Blessing and the Curse of Groupon

I’m a big fan of Groupon, but, generally, I’m interested in the deals that give me the opportunity to dip pieces of bread and meat into pots of melted cheese for $20, or the ones that allow me purchase a dozen assorted cupcakes for a mere $10 and and even less judgment from the 16-year-old behind the counter.

Every once in awhile, however, I snatch one up that exposes me to a trendy clothing line or local boutique. In theory, I love the opportunity to scout a new skirt or dress that will ultimately cost half the price. But, when the time comes to actually redeem the Groupon, I am never as successful as I want to be.

Recently, I took a trip to Luxe Apothetique, a cute local women's clothing store and salon, to redeem a $50 Groupon, and left the store with nothing. The little shopper inside me totally lost her confidence, and it took me several days to return to the store, this time with more urgency as the Groupon was set to expire in just a couple weeks. I tried on a ton of stuff that I loved on the rack, but I never got that umph feeling that comes when I know something is amazing. With the impending deadline dancing in my head, and knowing that I wouldn't have very many chances to return to the store, I used my Groupon to buy a pleated skirt.

Don't get me wrong, I love the skirt. I have been looking for a pleated number for quite some time now, but I don't know if I would have paid the original dollar amount on this one without some additional hesitation. I also love Luxe, and I really love the service I get in the store. I don't always love the expiration dates on my Groupons, so I left that day asking myself, "If I had so much trouble using my Groupon, did I really save anything?"

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

To make sure I don't fall into the scary black hole that is Buyer's Remorse I have tasked myself with styling the skirt 10 different ways this summer. The photo below is Style #1.
[Do you like my bling ring?
It's one among many things that Kate Middleton and I have in common.]

What I’m Wearing
White Slouchy Pocket Tee (Express)
Bitten Black Vest (Steve & Barry’s)
Silky Pleated Skirt (Luxe Apothetique)
Blue Velveteen Platform Heels (Forever XXI, Plato’s Closet)
Pink Patent Leather Skinny Belt (J.Crew)
Faux Sapphire Ring (Michael’s)
Black and Silver Knot Wide Headband (J.Crew)


  1. I have that ring too! Hilary proposed to me with it on my birthday. ;-) Love love.

  2. Kate, or princess Di rather, copied my ring. :P

    I love LUXE too but I always feel like it is super expensive. Good choice for a groupon, even if it was a pain. Love the outfit, as always!

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