Monday, August 9, 2010

Style Diary: An Outfit in Transition

Happy August, chickadees! Does this mean I can start talking about fall? Truth be told, I haven't made as many purchases this summer as I thought I would. I did some closet reorganizing to make sure I was wearing all the clothes I already own. (One result of the reorganization: my overstuffed closet rod fell off the groove in the wall, and all the clothes are currently sliding down the rod toward the floor. Oy.)

However, the last time I did brave the shops, I purchased this fabulous Bow-Adorned Skirt in olive green from Forever 21. There are two very crucial aspects of this skirt that make it one of my favorites already. The dark color combined with the huge bow in the center makes this dress oh-so Daisies and Chains, n'est pas? A dash of girly and a sprinkle of masculinity is what it's all about! Secondly, while the length is great for summer, I can add tights to make it just as relevant for the fall months.

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What I'm Wearing
Considering the huge bow in the front, I am tucking a white camisole into the skirt. Then I'm throwing on a tissue-thin boyfriend cardigan in ballet pink that hits just a few inches higher than the skirt. For the feet, I am wearing nude pumps, but camel-colored ones would look great, too! Overall, I am pairing light colors with the skirt to add some summer flavor. And obviously, I am adding that men's gold watch that has barely left my wrist since I purchased it in April. 

Where to Buy
Price: $15.80 

Look for a post soon on more olive green essentials (and another one on how I'll style this skirt when it gets cooler)!

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