Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring for Shoes that Last 'til Winter: Good, Better, Best (Part 1 of 2)

I've been getting a few questions about shoes lately (thank you for asking!) and wanted to address them with a two-part blog series, starting first with colors. (In fact, I'm not going to mention anything specific about styles or include a "Where to Buy" section until the next post.)

With Easter past us, we are now allowed by The Fashion Gods to wear white shoes. But this doesn't mean we should ... at least not in the traditional sense. The days of stark white shoes are behind us. This year, we are seeing a lot more embellishment going on, with jewels and bows attached to shoes of all shapes and sizes.

Photo source: ninewest.com

Metallic tints and nude tones are colors that will easily translate into your fall wardrobe. And with these palletes, subtlety is key. For example, look for shoes that are lightly brushed with a metallic finish. After all, chickadees, ghetto gold is best left to costume jewelry.

Photo source: stevemadden.com

Have you noticed a pattern yet? If white is good, and nude tones are better, then it makes sense why camel might be the best color to accesorize with this season and the following ones. And shoes will be no exception. If I can't convice you, check out one Vogue article written earlier this month.

Photo source: chineselaundry.com

My hope is that visions of leather and suede are now dancing in your head, but before you open your wallet, spend the next few days simply looking around. Pay attention to the shoe styles you find in white versus the ones you spot in camel. And start to consider your budget, as that will help determine whether or not you purchase a style in each shade or save your pennies for the ultimate pair you can wear into 2011.

Happy Tuesday, and I'll blog ya' soon! In the meantime, feel free to post comments or questions!


  1. One of the fab bloggers I follow, Sally McGraw, posted a pic of her outfit today. Check out her cream shoes, eh?

  2. Nice post!!! I saw some very cute heels I was drooling over at Cole Haan! Have you seen cupcakes and cashmere?! She has a post devoted to J.Crew, clearly stepping on your territory. I think you should do a similar post, but suggest where to find more budget friendly blasers! I love the look, but just can't bring myself to spend $190 on a blazer, since its TX and summer is a month away! - ESO