Monday, April 12, 2010

The Foolproof Accessory -- Men's Gold Watches

My current accessory obsession, which I mentioned briefly in my last post, is men's gold watches. This kind of watch is the perfect add-on because it combines glamour with functionality -- what looks like a heavy gold bracelet can actually tell time, too!

What I'm Wearing
I spent 15 minutes and $15 at Target this weekend selecting the perfect one and couldn't be happier. Because I don't ever want my look to appear ultra-feminine or ultra-masculine (I live to mix it up!), I'll skip this watch on the days I wear my boyfriend blazer or tuxedo vest and opt to wear it with floral-print dresses, Peter Pan-collared blouses, or basically any clothing item that includes lace! 

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The "100-50-25" Where to Buy
You can also skip the chain stores and head to your favorite resale shop to purchase a vintage watch. Or if you don't want to make the monetary commitment, borrow one of your dad's for the day. (My dad rocked an awesome gold watch in the mid-80s.) I think men's gold watches are unique because you can't go wrong, whether you are wearing a new, sleek version or a more antiquated design.

Where did you purchase your gold watch? Post a comment!

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