Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pale Is the New White

Hiya', chickadees! Are you keeping cool in the light summer frocks that are finally popping up in stores en masse?

With more of your skin exposed in strappy dresses and sleeveless knit tops -- and in light of May being National Skin Cancer Awareness month (umm, let's ignore the fact that May is nearly over) -- I want to share a few of the products I use to trick people into thinking I can actually spend time in the sun with burning. Hey, I'm not complaining. If we have learned anything from Twilight (and the Olsen twins), it's that pale is IN.

Cheek Stain
From March through October, I use cheek stain in lieu of blush 100 percent of the time. It creates that natural-looking flush that you get an hour after sun exposure -- without you actually having to go outside. I use Benetint, a dual lip and cheek stain from Benefit, and the price per wear is insanely good. Even using this everyday, a bottle will last several months.
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Lip Gloss
So if you're female and breathing, chances are you've made a trip into Sephora at least once in your lifetime. Not only am I a huge fan of Sephora, I actually really love their collection lip gloss, specifically the Super Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bronzed Beauty. Even being as fair as I am, this rusty red color complements my skin because it goes on so lightly, so it looks very natural.
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Bright Nail Polish
This summer, light pinks and peaches are definitely colors to look for in clothing (blog post on all of that soon to come!). But, for your manicure, I recommend punchy-hued colors, such as orangey-reds, deep melons, and bright pinks and purples. It sounds silly, but it will actually make your skin look brighter! My personal fave for nail polish is OPI, and something like the summery red below looks fabulous on. (The color is called Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.)
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Obviously, never forget to apply sunscreen or a daily facial moisturizer with SPF if you are out in the sun. And always smear on some lip balm with SPF before applying any color to your lips. Get ready for some summer fun, ladies! Blog ya later!   


  1. Great post. I am also pale and use the two face products listed above. I also swear by Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Lip Gloss in Rose Sugar.