Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Earning My Laundry

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I take pride in how often I stain my clothing... mainly because you have to own your flaws, right? As I'm peeling off my clothes at the end of each day, I find myself saying, "Look at all these stains! I really wore the crap out of these clothes. Good job, Jenn!"

However, because I work in an office setting, my stains mainly include coffee and blue pen ink. But today... today, I not only stained these pants with coffee and blue pen ink... I added black printer toner to the mix! Just call me the Indiana Jones of Building C.

What I'm Wearing
White Linen Cascade Top (Madewell)
Navy Blue Blazer (H&M)
Gray Skimmer Pants (J.Crew Factory)
Patent Leather Neon Sandals (Forever XXI)
Neon Bracelets (Bauble Bar)
Neon Yellow Hair Pin (, purchased at Anthropologie)
OPI Nail Polish in "My Pointe Exactly"

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