Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Citrus for the Springtime

Thanks to all the gals who commented, e-mailed, and posted via Facebook for the upcoming "Wardrobe Love" series, which will take place right here every Thursday! Why Thursday, you ask? Because it's my favorite day, that's why. Really -- that's the only reason.

Lemons, Limes, and Oranges, Oh My!
Also as promised, I'm here with some springtime sunshine via a citrus-filled palette. As I have said before, you can embrace new colors without wearing them from head-to-toe. I am a big fan of this strategy, because I think it helps maximize your wardrobe basics while you transition into new seasons.

To further illustrate this point, I took a very season-less outfit -- a white blouse under a black dress -- and made three springtime-appropriate ensembles using a few different accessories.

Enjoy, ladies!

[These shoes are actually rubber, which means they are the best footwear choice
for the "April showers" days.]

[I love the huge bows.]

[This dress has an empire waist, but that doesn't stop me from adding a belt.]

[It's difficult to see in the first photo, but the belt is a perfect lime green color.]

[It was done purely by accident, but this cropped cardigan looks great with the empire-waist dress.]

What I'm Wearing
White Silk Blouse (DKNY, collected at a clothes swap)
Black Sleeveless Empire-Waist Dress (Express, circa 1998)
Cropped Cardigan (Old Navy)
Gold Chains Necklace (J.Crew)
Black and Gold Bracelet (Unknown brand, collected at a clothes swap)
Green Leather Belt (J.Crew)
Yellow Rainy Day Flats (J.Crew)
Nude Heels (Unknown brand, Plato's Closet)

Where to Buy*
Yellow Flats (Target)
Price: $17.99

Lime Green Belt (ASOS)
Price: $14.34

Orange Cropped Cardigan (Old Navy)
Sale Price: $7.99

*My goal is to direct you to exactly what I'm wearing in the photos, but sometimes items are already out of stock or not available online. In those cases, I try to direct you to a similar, low-priced item that is available online.

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  1. You are so cute. come to my house every morning and dress me. I can't seem to let go of my stretchy pants.