Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Style Diary -- The Perfect Summer Outfit

A famous gal named Carrie Bradshaw once said that fashion was similar to politics, because they are both about "recycling shop-worn ideas and making them seem fresh and inspiring."

I make no claims to be an expert on politics (or fashion, for that matter), but I do know the dress I've been rocking hardcore this summer is definitely an old style that I'm trying to refresh.

A couple months ago, I made one of the most successful trips ever to Buffalo Exchange, where I purchased a honey-colored yellow embroidered dress. It has short, flared sleeves and a huge red toucan sewn on the front. It's equal parts girly and quirky, and I can wear it all the time. Seriously. I've worn it everywhere, from poolside to the movie theatre to a summer dinner party. (Because I thrifted mine, here's another adorable embroidered dress -- also pictured below-- to give you an idea of the style.)

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What I'm Wearing
I'm pairing my yellow dress with red canvas wedges, such as the new ones by TOMS, a neutral-colored straw bag, and virtually no accessories, save for a braided headband. My hope is the ubertrendy accessories make the "shop-worn" dress style more relevant.

Would you change anything about this style diary outfit? Let me know!

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  1. I'd add huge hoop earrings. But that's just me. I want to be Jersey.