Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Ghost in My Hallway

It took me actually downloading these outfits photos to realize there was some kind of smudge on the camera the entire time I photographed them. That or a ghost lives in my hallway. And if it is a ghost, it's probably the ghost of an old lady who's confused me for someone who stole her clothes. That's what wearing a brown plaid chiffon blouse will get you. Also using words like "blouse." Just call me the Grandma Whisperer.


What I'm Wearing
Printed Chiffon Shirt/Blouse (Old Navy)
Black Minnie Pants (J.Crew)
Tahari Tan Pumps (DSW)
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses (Forever XXI)
Royal Ascot Ring (JewelMint)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)
Cinema Americano Bracelet (JewelMint)
Pearl and Beaded Bracelet (Gift from a craft fair)
CND Shellac Nail Polish (One coat in "Strawberry Smoothie," one coat in "Mother of Pearl")

Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Thrills

In 2007, I received the September issue of Vogue in the mail. The fall fashion issue. I noticed how the cover boasted the record-breaking 840 pages so I kept it for about a year, stored in a trunk after I finished reading it. When my mom was helping me move the following summer, she convinced me to throw it away.

Then they made a movie about all the awesomeness of the September 2007 issue of Vogue... The issue I threw away.

Five years later, I finally have redemption! We are now looking at 916 pages of the fashion feast that is the September 2012 issue. I'm going to be buried with this magazine.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Vineyard Vacation in Instagrams

The weekend before last, my fella/fiance and I took a weekend trip to the Texas wine country. Long story short, I drank too much wine during the weekend and fell asleep when I was supposed to be posting these photos. I took some outfit photos from that weekend, as well, but I am destroying all of them because I look drowsy and have purple teeth in each one.
1) The Hilmy Cellars porch is built almost entirely from cedar
2) A vineyard view at Hilmy Cellars
3) Unpasteurized cheese and cured meats, yum
4) The William Chris tasting room is actually a converted 100-year-old house
5) The fiance enjoying a syrah
6) Label from the William Chris Vineyard

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Earning My Laundry

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I take pride in how often I stain my clothing... mainly because you have to own your flaws, right? As I'm peeling off my clothes at the end of each day, I find myself saying, "Look at all these stains! I really wore the crap out of these clothes. Good job, Jenn!"

However, because I work in an office setting, my stains mainly include coffee and blue pen ink. But today... today, I not only stained these pants with coffee and blue pen ink... I added black printer toner to the mix! Just call me the Indiana Jones of Building C.

What I'm Wearing
White Linen Cascade Top (Madewell)
Navy Blue Blazer (H&M)
Gray Skimmer Pants (J.Crew Factory)
Patent Leather Neon Sandals (Forever XXI)
Neon Bracelets (Bauble Bar)
Neon Yellow Hair Pin (, purchased at Anthropologie)
OPI Nail Polish in "My Pointe Exactly"

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi, everyone -- I missed you all! I'm back blogging after a long hiatus. Mostly, I was held up working, and it's got me thinking how much better I need to be about striking a balance in my life. Even spending an hour working on a blog post, exercising, or reading can make me feel invigorated.

This weekend, I went out to brunch with my fella -- scratch that, fiance! -- and some friends while wearing a sweater and a chiffon skirt, sporting a neutrals and neon. A balance of multiple fabrics and colors.

What I'm Wearing

Leopard Print Sweater (Old Navy)
LC Lauren Conrad Chiffon Front-Tie Skirt (Kohl's)
Patent Leather Neon Sandals (Forever XXI)
Neon Bracelets (Bauble Bar)
Fingers: OPI Gel in "Ink"
Toes: Essie Nail Polish in "Teeny Bikini"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

'Tis the Season for White

I knew when I first snatched up this white lace dress at the Texas Style Council's clothing swap, sponsored by LuLu*s and, that I would wear it on Easter Sunday... and probably every weekend thereafter. Unlike other lace items I own, this fabric is surprisingly soft and has a slight stretch to it. I can safely say this will be The Dress of Summer 2012. (And it earns bonus points for matching my pale white legs.)

Now I just need The Song of Summer 2012 to play while I dance around in my white dress. Spoiler alert: It will probably be something by One Direction. The Biebs is so 2011.

What I'm Wearing
Dearest One Ivory Lace Dress (c/o LuLu*s via the Texas Style Council)
Navy/Purple Trim Blazer (Old Navy)
Purple Patent Leather Skinny Belt (J.Crew)
Guess Tan Cork Wedges (DSW)
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses (Forever XXI)
Rhinestone Bow Ring (Forever XXI)
Royal Ascot Ring (JewelMint)
Monte Carlo Bracelet (JewelMint)
Thin Gold Bangles (Forever XXI)
Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch (Macy's)
CND Shellac Nail Polish (One coat in "Hollywood," one coat in "Hot Pop Pink")

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Thrills

I'm a big proponent of reading the book before the movie, and Downton Abbey is no exception. As soon as my friend Emily told me Edith Wharton's last and unfinished novel, The Buccaneers, was it's long-lost cousin, I scrounged up a copy. (I also grabbed Old New York, which is a series of four novellas chock-full of all my favorite Wharton themes.)

I can't wait to read The Buccaneers before I finally start watching Downton Abbey. Being a late adopter really worked out for me this time.

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